The First Chin Up Is the Hardest

Me circa summer of 2008. You can check out the photographer at He might be mad that I turned this into B & W.

Hi there!

Chances are I don’t know you, but welcome!

And I already have a confession to tell you! I’m starting this blog for very selfish reasons, but I do think people should do whatever makes them happy as long as they don’t hurt anyone, so I don’t really feel bad at all. My real confession is that I overshare what goes on in my head and in my life, with a lot of people and very often, too. The plan is I’m going to try to distill everything, take out the parts too personal to post publicly on the Internet, and continuously share that crème de la crème of my thoughts and stories with you here.

Translation: I don’t know the focus for this blog yet, either. Sorry about that.

The “real life” practical aim of this blog is to hone my writing skills and practice flexing my creativity muscles in order to be good enough to be a copywriter in the advertising industry soon.

The title of this blog is a play on words: it’s my first name, the encouraging saying “keeping your chin up,” and the exercise technique of chin-ups. It is supposed to represent a combination of myself, positivity, and the strengths that come with self-discipline and facing challenges. (In all honestly, the “daily” part just sounds much nicer than “I’m going to post here whenever I can.” We’re still cool though, right? )

Hope you like it here and come back every once in a while!




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