Hang in There With Me

The pandas I saw in Mainland China were so unimpressive.

Hey there,

I just wanted to take a moment and explain myself: I started this blog to get better at writing, so I can be a copywriter. This goal assumes that I’m not good enough right now, and it’s sadly true.

I’ve regressed to write as if I’m talking out loud. From work, I’m used to typing with bullet points and numbered lists. And the only creative things I’ve written since college are basically flirty text messages, and passive aggressive notes telling my housemates to clean up while trying to sound funny and not too bitchy. That’s about it.

This is why I’ve decided to begin writing about the subjects that I know best: myself.

Please think of this is a disclaimer- I’m not as self-absorbed as the recent posts make me seem to be, and I promise to expand the topics of this blog soon.

I know. I wish I could start a blog about writing this blog. So meta!

Thank you for your patience,



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