Hey Girl. You Should Cut Your Hair Short.

Insert a Photoshopped picture of Ryan Gosling here.

(I know. I’m very sorry that I can’t give you that, too. Let’s just use our rich imagination.)

If you’re a female and you are scared or concerned about cutting your hair short, here are what I have to say as a person who hasn’t had her hair touch the shoulders for 10 years:

  • Just like there are millions of different hairstyles for medium and long hair lengths, short haircuts are just as versatile– Countless short haircuts are waiting for you to try ‘em! You just gotta find the right one for your face shape and bone structure.
  • If you’re straight and worried that shorter hair will decrease your femininity in the traditional sense or make you less attractive in heterosexual men’s eyes, let me tell you that this is a complete fallacy. My friends who share my common interest can testify that guys hit on us at least just as frequently as when we had longer hair. Your face and body remain the same.
  • Remember that this is just some fuzz on top of your head. You’re not changing your personality.
  • Seriously, it’s just hair. If you don’t like it, then you can always go even shorter or just wait for a few weeks. Wear some hair accessories in the meantime while you grow it out.
  • You can donate your hair to organizations such as Locks of Love! Think about all the children you can help!

Needless to say, I’m a big advocate. Please allow me to list some pros of short haircuts (Some generalizations are made below for the sake of entertainment value and brevity):

  1. Time- and product-saving: Less time required for washing and drying, your shampoo and conditioner bottles last much longer, and the words “brushing” and “tangles” appear less in your vocabulary.
  2. Great ventilation: Awesome for warm weather! In cold weather, I wear earmuffs and rock hats.
  3. Healthy hair: The hair closer to your scalp is younger, and the shorter it is, your body doesn’t have to work as hard to deliver nutrients all the way to the ends of each strand. Essentially your hair will have better quality. I personally can’t stop touching my hair because it feels like a puppy is napping on top of my head.
  4. Difficult to mess up: Hard for strong wind, some rain, or even caressing hands to mess it up when it’s only a few inches long.
  5. More showing of your face: You got a good one! Why not show more of it along with some nape and neck action?
  6. Increased bounce and volume: By lightening up its weight, you would be adding a little oomph to your hair for sure. It’s a scientific fact.
  7. Lesbians hit on you more often: It’s very flattering if you’re straight. Awesome if you’re a lesbian or bi. My lesbian friends agree. Oh also it’s a great excuse when a gross sleazy guy hits on you: “Um, do you see my hair?…Yea, I like girls. Sorry!”
  8. Strangers will go out of their way to compliment you: This just happened to me tonight. Coworkers/classmates/neighbors/baristas who don’t usually talk to you come over just to tell you how much they like your haircut. Women share their repressed desires of chopping their tresses off, and say that you encourage them to summon their courage to do so. Men inform you that it’s wild, edgy, artful, fashionable, unique, hot, etc. Some might even ask if they could touch your coif.
  9. Membership into a special league: Have you noticed how guys with epic beards give each other those silent nods of approval as one walks in the bar? This is the same! Whenever I see another lady of short mane, we communicate mutual appreciation with a knowing smile. Sometimes instant connections are made, and BAM! New friend.

Listen, I’m not saying every woman would like short haircut on herself- I’m just saying that everyone should give it a try and discover that for herself.

Happy snipping or happy buzzing! I personally love the feeling when the hairdresser uses the razor on my hair.




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