Get Your Zen On And Yoga It Up

This may come as a shock to you, but I’ve never had pictures taken during my yoga practice. This picture sums up the feeling you get from yoga pretty well though.

My qualifications: Been doing yoga for the past 7 years, averaging about once a week. Actually just did it yesterday.

What it is: The physical aspect of an ancient practice. It consists of flowing through a series of poses that are balancing, aligning, stretching, twisting, and inverting, all while putting a great emphasis on deep breathing.

What you’ll actually be doing: Flowing through a combination of “active” postures meaning just keeping in positions involve the small muscles in your body. Uncommon stretches that make you think, “We’re doing that? Really?” Maintaining balancing positions that unexpectedly work your core, legs, and arms a lot. Conscious breathing. A bit of meditation.

Good for people who are:  in any level of fitness, really, because usually instructors will tell you different difficult levels for each pose. And you are encouraged to just go into Child Pose or Down Dog whenever you’re too fatigued.

Benefits: Building lean long muscles, increasing flexibility, improving postures, and boost mental health. Seriously.

Music played during class: Lyric-less songs. Think Anya or “mood music.”

The instructors: (I personally think yoga instructors are the closest thing to angels on earth, but that’s just me) Very positive and calm. Usually will demonstrate each pose and come adjust you when needed. Seem to have a very poetic flow too when it comes to their words. Some common practices I’ve noticed over the years are reading philosophical quotes and telling inspiring stories.

The classmates: Surprisingly very diverse. Anyone from athletic muscular dudes, fit and pretty ladies, and people who seem a bit hippie, to cool seniors and pregnant mamas.

Suggested attire: Something form-fitting but not too tight that allows you to move all crazy without showing any of your goodies. I highly recommend going barefoot but if you must wear socks, wear ones with good grip.

What you will feel like right afterwards: Relaxed and peaceful. All limber.

What you might feel like the next day: A bit sore in your core, various tendons, shoulders, and triceps.

Bonus: You’re going to learn some human body terms like scapula and Sanskirt words like chakra.

Extra tips:

  • Bring a towel if you tend to sweat a lot. Or cover your entire mat with a towel of the size if you sweat A LOT.
  • It’s true that yoga is something you can do on your own, but I really suggest going to classes first to learn the proper alignments, and then once you’re familiar with everything, feel free to do it at home to a video or voice recording like podcasts.

Let me know if you have any questions! This is the first one in the series after all (Reason for starting here) and I don’t really know what other people are concerned with before they try a different kind of exercise. Everything is generalized for succinct explanations, too.




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