Tiny Movements With Huge Results- The Dailey Method Exercise

 Official website: http://thedaileymethod.com

 My qualifications: Just got back from my tenth one-hour class! I’ve only been to the downtown and Mission/Castro location in San Francisco, but I’m going to assume it’s pretty much the same anywhere else since the flagship studio is the SF Marina one.

Locations: Studios in 7 states with the majority in California. Complete list of Dailey Method locations here. Bar Method, Pure Barre, Pop Physique, and Core Fusion classes are all supposed to be similar though.

What it is: For a detailed description of a typical Dailey Method class, there’s an article on FitSugar. And for how a real person views it, please read on. So this lady Jill Dailey with a degree in kinesiology started a pilates studio, then she started learning the exercise method of Lotte Berk who is a ballet dancer. Jill then established this routine of working out with various tools. Basically to me it’s pilates with some inspiration from ballet and yoga using props.

What you’ll actually be doing: In a carpeted room, working out with a ballet bar, yoga straps, different size exercise balls, mat, and free weights. Toning of arms, butt, thighs, and core. Some stretching and a little bit of cardio warm up. The dumbbells in there range from 2 to 5 pounds only. Very small movements with high repetitions and a lot of holding of difficult positions. Half of the time I am like “Oh this is a piece of cake” and the other half of time I am like “You’re telling me to just move my thigh up and down by an inch but I JUST CAN’T ANYMORE waaaaaaaaaaah!”

Music you are most likely going to hear during class: Very upbeat pop or house music. Or “workout mixes” of songs.

What the instructors are like and what they’re likely to say or do: Above average looking ladies who are very fit. The instructors are really friendly and like to motivate you from a superficial perspective: “This works out your triceps so your arms will look long and lean in a tank top!” or “Really work your obliques! They’re what create a narrow waist and swimsuit season is approaching!” Ain’t nothin’ wrong with that because that angle totally works on me. Class size is small, and correct alignment is really important in Dailey Method, so they come around to check on you very often to offer you any needed adjustments.

Who are likely going to be in your class: I have never ever seen a man in the studio. EVER. Although there is a men’s bathroom, so…. All the ladies in my class are prettier, fitter, more well-dressed than the average woman. They also look smarter but that’s just my personal judgment.

Suggested attire: Your cutest workout outfits because seriously, everyone else in there is dressed in color coordinated sports bra and capris or pants that are most likely Lululemon or Lucy. Dailey Method sells these branded socks with special grip dots on the bottom for $10 a pair since you exercise on carpet, but I just wear thick cotton socks and they suit me fine.

What you will feel like right afterwards: It’s always very nicely air-conditioned in there so you don’t sweat that much. You mostly just glisten. You don’t feel that tired afterwards.

What you might feel like the next day: Surprisingly really sore in the areas that you used, so about 70% of your entire body.

Bonus: You don’t need to wear shoes for Dailey Method so you can pack a light gym bag! I think about stuff like this because a huge duffle bag would ruin most outfits.

Tiny downside: Kind of on the pricey side. I bought a deal for a 10-class pass, but I don’t think I would do this without a hefty discount.

Extra tips: I think Dailey Method also offers express classes that are only 45 minutes long for people in a hurry, and they also offer childcare in certain studios for all you mamas.

Hold your abs in!



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