Quarterlife Lessons from the HBO Show “Girls”: S2E1

First off the bat I would like to say that this is not about whether I think the show is good or bad, or if it deserves awards or not. It’s like what my Art History professor told us in our introductory class: “It’s okay to like something or don’t like something regardless of how famous it is or what experts say about it.”

Anyway, my point is that I like this TV show, and if you don’t, then don’t read this.

This was one of my many facial reactions to the HBO Girls season 2 premiere last night.

This was one of my many facial reactions to the HBO Girls season 2 premiere last night.

Episode 11 “It’s About Time”

Last night was the season two premiere of “Girls.” Truth be told, when this show first appeared, I watched from a very defensive point of view. Because I thought, with hands on my hips, “If this is supposed to be representative of my generation of women, then it’s making us twenty-something girls look terrible!” Yes, many a times I would declare to my friends that Shoshanna is the character who hasn’t done anything stupid or bad in my opinion.

One episode after another, I began to see sides of myself and my friends within the fictional girls more and more. I stopped telling people that I “enjoy it ironically,” and fully embraced loving it.

So I’m going to blog about the morals that I personally see from each episode. Some of them are brand new knowledge to me while some are precautionary tales that are good to remind oneself of.

So here you go, the life lessons from the first episode of season 2 “Girls”:


  1. If you’re a straight woman, don’t ever fool around with a gay guy sexually thinking you can be the one to turn him bi or straight. – Especially when the guy has a boyfriend! Marnie and Elijah’s half-sex session was so wrong. Even if the guy is very hot and super nice, and both of you are so drunk or on something, just don’t. It’s awkward afterwards for everyone involved and nothing good can come out of it.
  2. If you do see your ex at a party, limit communication to as nothing as possible and distance yourself physically. Oh and DON’T ask them about their dating life!– We’ve seen Marine and Charlie do the painfully awkward “oh let’s be friends even though we used to date” dance for so long that I was only a tiny bit shocked to see her ask to sleep on Charlie’s bed with him last night, and to have him agree to it! What about your current girlfriend, Charlie? And has Marnie forgotten that she has broken up with this dude TWICE already? Shoshanna’s cold shoulder to Ray was not pleasant but that is still WAY better.
  3. Don’t text someone a message only composed of emojis and then expect them to fully understand what you mean.– When it was finally revealed that Ray broke Shoshanna’s heart by ignoring her emoji-only texts, the only thought that went through my mind was “Oh that’s funny.” Wasn’t even mad.
  4. If anyone you date ever says that they don’t have to do something because they love you, get the hell out of there. Last night as Adam told Hannah “when you love someone, you don’t have to be nice all the time,” I heard the sound of sharp inhale of air through teeth from my female friends in my living room. Loving someone should not be used as an excuse.
  5. No matter how busy someone is, if they really want to see you, they will make the time. – When Marnie expressed the desire to hang out with Hannah more, Hannah totally lied! She talked about being busy with her job and being Adam’s hospice blah blah blah but conveniently neglected to say “Oh yea, and I’m also seeing this super hot black guy so I don’t have time to be there for you as a friend.”
  6. You CAN get fired or let go or “downsized” when you’re in your twenties.Marine is someone who rarely faced failure or difficulty in her life. She lost her job because she’s not sleeping with her boss, unlike her male coworker. This does happen in the real world for equally stupid reasons.
  7. Don’t try to date a crappy person and try to improve them, because either (1) it will not work and you’d be very disappointed or (2) it works and they get stuck on you since they spent so much effort changing themselves for you. – Um, have you seen what Adam has turned into? “You’re the best thing in my life. I don’t know how to behave without you. I’ll die if you go away.” Oh so scary.
  8. Unless you cheated on them or you committed some sort of crime, you don’t owe your ex anything. – And even then, define and put a limit on the payback. After that it’s time for clean break.
  9. Having a good roommate whom you like determines a big part of your daily happiness.I grinned so wide when Elijah and Hannah said to each other simultaneously, “I love living with you!” So in sync.
  10. Dating someone just because they’re rich will backfire.See Elijah’s rich older boyfriend. “Our lives are so intertwined…like he pays for everything.

Yes, I do realize that I talk as if these fictional things actually happened and that these characters are real. I don’t care. Great life lessons can be from anything and anywhere.

Shoshanna is still my fave BTW,



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