Unique Spotify Playlists, Part 1

I always made playlists based on mood and feelings instead of genres. Recently I created a few and tweeted out the links or put them as my IM status. People seem to like it (I see you listening to my lists on the side feed of Spotify, friend who doesn’t subscribe), so I thought I would share.

Romantic songs sung by men that respect women

I went to a themed party a few weeks back and DJ Rufio played “Let’s Get Married” by Jagged Edge, and I realized that very few male artists sing about monogamy or commitment in this decade. Oh, there are PLENTY of songs by men dedicated to their lovers or ladies, but they also usually are along the lines of “You’re so hot and I get to have sex with you yay! And now I’m going to describe your body in details!” Please let me know if I miss anything because this is pretty sad.

“Quarterlife Crisis” playlist

There is a a plethora of how you may feel during a quarterlife crisis. Sometimes you’re like “F.U. I don’t need nobody because I’m better than ALL Y’ALL!,” other times you’re quietly sobbing on the inside because you feel so alone and powerless. And when things are going well you want to yell out “I feel infinite and invincible!” then it goes downhill from there and you feel paralyzed by panic and overwhelmed by the choices you have to make…Yep, I’ve included songs that fit all those moods.


Seductress is named as such because all the songs are sung by women and because this is music that will make you want to give a lap dance or strip tease to someone. Some of these are from my past pole dance classes so you know they’re legit.

“I’m hungover but I need to get work done” playlist

This is self-explanatory, but I made this on a Friday morning after I went out on a Grouper date on Thursday night. Nothing too loud or intense that will make you feel any worse. Big shout out to Amber who suggested the Garden State soundtrack and Death Cab for Cutie songs.

Songs Fun to Scream-Sing To

Some songs are great for singing precisely and delicately, while some are meant to be SHOUTED AT THE TOP OF YOUR LUNGS while you’re jumping and down.

Overtly Sexual Swag

I already posted this when I wrote about the Top Four Types of Sexual References in Hip Hop, Rap, and R&B last year, but I actually make additions frequently.

BONUS: Bad Bitch Mix

My fellow sophstirachet friend Pauline made this, and now I fantasize that one day Trina, Lil’ kim, Nicki Minaj will have a bad bitch concert together.

Stay tuned for other weird playlists my state of mind creates.



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