If Beyoncé Emotes Situations in My Life (an Animated GIFs Post)

I love, adore, admire and respect Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter, and if you don’t like her, you should just get the hell out of here because I don’t have anything else to say to you. BAIIIIII.

I get to go to the Mrs. Carter concert in just a few days! I am a very secular (yet spiritual) person so this will most likely be the closest thing to religious worship I’ll ever do. Words cannot describe how much I appreciate this woman, so I thought I will let animated gifs do it.

In honor of Queen Bey, I decided to compile a list of my favorite animated gifs of her and match them with every day situations, because on various circumstances, I’ve often wondered What Would Beyonce Do? Oh right, she would deal with grace, sass, and confidence, so I should too. Enjoy.

(I found all these images from http://fuckyeahbeyonceknowles.tumblr.com and http://beyoncegifs.tumblr.com and BuzzFeed)

First and foremost:

When I heard that DOMA and Prop 8 are struck down:

About mothaphucking time, y’all!

And then we celebrated this Pride weekend like:

Hai oh haiiiiii

At da club

When it’s super hot and I try to sexily and subtly wipe my sweat:

When a group of creepers are closing in on us:

Dancing violently and big will let them know what’s up.

When I’m dancing on the stage and I spot someone cute in the crowd:

When someone challenges me to a dance-off:

Boy, I don’t think you know what you just got yourself into.

When I trip on my heels while dancing drunkenly but then play it off like I meant to do that:

At a bar

Turning up at an industry/business-networking event where everyone else already knows each other:

…So no one’s going to talk to someone new? Cool.

When someone hits on me with a line so stupid/douchey that I don’t even want to reply:

My eyes say “I don’t understand the question, and I won’t respond to it” like Lucile Bluth.

When someone offends us by making a sexist or racist joke:


Do not mess with well-educated feminists because we got each other’s back.

When a guy won’t take no for an answer:


On a date

When my date compliments me with something thoughtful:

Thanks, boo!

My internal thought when my date says he likes cats more than dogs:


When a hot guy I like is talking still when I just want him to kiss me already:

“Shh, no words necessary, babe.”

When I finally decide that someone is #HeCanGetIt material:


When the waiter asks us if we want to see the dessert menu, and my date says no without consulting me (#13 on this list):


When my friend asks about a mediocre date:

“Eh. Nothing really worth mentioning.”

Trying to describe how hot the guy was to my friend:

“It’s like, his muscles were trying to escape out of his shirt.”

San Francisco

When someone stops me on the street in the Mission, and I think they need help with directions, but then they ask me if I have any drugs to sell them:

No, dude.

When I’ve waited in line for brunch for over an hour, and then we sit down and my eggs benedict finally arrive at the table:

Oh San Francisco brunch.

When a druggie in Tenderloin tried to hug me one time:

Hell to the no.


When a guy tries to mansplain something to me:

When will he finally stop talking?

When someone tells me to not eat something delicious because it’ll go straight to my ass:


How I felt in my first Zumba class:


The only way to watch the Victoria’s Secret fashion show:

You know those models haven’t eaten anything in like, 2 days.

How I wish all business presentations are:

That would be so great.

Long live the Queen,



4 responses

  1. This is the most amazing series of gifs ever compiled!

    When I need a sassy boost I always go to her tumblr page. Sounds cheesy but she’s the only celebrity that I find inspiring. (iam.beyonce.com/)

    • Um no I wholeheartedly agree! I love love love her! I remembered in an interview, Beyonce’s mom said when she was little, they were all watching the Superbowl and the halftime show came on. Beyonce said “Mommy I want to do that” and mom just kind of laughed, but she totes did it!

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