About Me

“Oh haha my hair is in my face.”

Hi there. My name is Chin. My full name is actually Chin-Hua Lu but a lot of people have trouble pronouncing the Hua part so I dropped it. 28-year-old Taiwanese American living in San Francisco and loving it. 

Read my The Bold Italic stories here, and you may find the links to my other published pieces on my online portfolio, peep my professional side on LinkedIn, read my outbursts on Twitter, or contact me via dailychinups @ gmail.com. Send me a note or tweet- positive or negative, I would love to hear from you. If you have any questions or need any advice on a topic that I might be able to help you with, shoot me an e-mail. If you’re so inclined, tip me for my writing here.

Beautiful header image of orchids taken under Creative Commons from Naomi Ibuki’s Flickr. Thanks, Naomi! Even though I’ve never met you.


4 responses

  1. hi chin,

    i couldn’t find a link to email you directly so i guess this is the second best thing. a coworker linked me to your bolditalic article about yellow fever (great article btw), which led me to your information and this website right here, dailychinups. i admittedly haven’t read all of your posts or much of your pretty extensive writing history (i read slow while at work) but you seem like a pretty interesting person who has a good amount of things to say about a variety of topics. my question for you is, why didn’t you name your site dailychinlups, to slam even more of your name in your play-on-words blog name.

    very important.

    • Hi D, Thanks for taking the risk of reading my non-work related writings at your office. You can e-mail me at dailychinups @ gmail.com.

      The reason why I didn’t name this blog DailyChinLUps is because then I wouldn’t get all the traffic from everyone who was looking for exercise tips. No, JK. That would be a good idea if my last name is pronounced another way.

  2. Iam a guy and to be honest iam really ashamed to see men act like that in front of a woman I mean really -.- I will be honest a lot of men are really dumb on say things but the stuff you said about them are true and its just like I would love to go up to them and punch them for being a idiot infront of a woman

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