Quarterlife Lessons From the HBO Show “Girls”: S2E6-E9

(Post about the season 2 premiere is here, the post about S2E2 is here, the one about S2E4 is here. S2E5 here. No, I didn’t write about episode 3, and I slacked off for 4 episodes. Stop yelling at me.)

Tonight is going to be the season two finale of the HBO show Girls, in order to honor Lena Dunham, I decided to finally stop procrastinating, hunker down, and blog about the last 4 episodes during my one-month blogging hiatus.


“Boys” Season 2 6th episode or #16 overall

Or the episode where you realize that Ray is a lot more screwed up that you thought before

(Official HBO recap video and “Inside the Episode”)

This episode is aptly named because just like none of the four central female protagonists have matured into real women yet, none of the male ones are real men either. They’re dudes, they’re guys, and they’re boys.

I love, love, love the scenes with Adam and Ray. When Adam randomly asks Ray for help, he was flattered that someone would deem him manly enough for “extra muscle type of backup.: And when Ray agrees, Adam awkwardly says “Ummm alright. Ummm thank you,” it’s so endearing but you realize that he is simply not used to expressing gratitude. When will our society stop pushing socially constructed gendered roles and instead encourage open communication in men, starting when they’re young’uns? I want to know.

Anyway, I think what happened is that before, Ray at least feels like he’s better than a few people in the world and that included Hannah, but now that Hannah might become a semi-legit writer, he feels the need to belittle her to feel better about himself. Ray tries to get Adam to agree with him, thinking it’ll be real easy to hate on an ex, but Adam surprisingly is very honest about the situation, which is that “everyone’s difficult” and they are both flawed.


  1. If you have to barf in public, try to do it into a trash can– When Hannah gets offered an e-book deal verbally (…seriously, I would ask for that stuff in a legal document to sign and date), she gets so nervous that she throws up right outside a café, onto a tree by the curb to much of the other patrons’ horror. I used to get sick a lot when I was in elementary school, so I know from personal experience that you should try to master the skill of holding that in or run for the nearest dumpster, ditch, or toilet.
  2. Women and men have very different ideas about what outlines the steps mark the progress of a romantic relationship.- When Booth Jonathan asks Marnie to host a party at his house for him, both Shoshanah and Marnie immediately assumes that this means he thinks she’s girlfriend material when really, Marnie’s just a good PR hostess to him. I can totally see the ladies’ reasoning: “Oh I’ll be presented as the lady of his house to all his friends and party guests? I must be his girlfriend! Totes.” It is tricky to know whether someone introduces you to his friends because he likes you and wants his friends to get to know you, or if as soon as you go to the bathroom, he smirks and boasts to his friends “Yeah so I’ve banging THOSE great tits wassup?!”  Continue reading

Quarterlife Lessons From the HBO Show “Girls”: S2E5

(Post about the season 2 premier is here, the post about S2E2 is here, the one about S2E4 is here. No, I didn’t write about episode 3. Stop yelling at me.)

Yes I’m writing this blog post on Valentine’s Day, because that is what a single girl like me do on Single Awareness Day.

ANYWAY! So “One Man’s Trash” is definitely the hottest episode so far, but also the most thought-provoking. I feel like this episode was sort of a fairy tale. Not the kind with the “happy ever after” ending, but the Grimms’ Brothers’ kind that’s dark and with a deep moral (Did you know in the original version of Little Mermaid, she DIES IN THE END? Well, now you know).

I feel like both Hannah and Joshua needed this. They’re both at a f-ed up point of their lives, and they’re just two extremely lonely people who just want to give and receive affections without facing the reality. When they happened to meet at the same place and same time, they live out this sort of temporary fantasy to escape their situations, which are full of problems. It’s kind of like what people say about a foreign vacation fling: It’s only so much more magical and passionate because this stranger is exotic to you, and you don’t need to care enough to get to know them as a person since you know this won’t last.

From Hannah’s angle, she needed to know what happiness feels like, even if it’s built on a false foundation. Ignorance is bliss, no? And with a man who does not know about her past, she is finally comfortable to ask for what she wants, whether it was in bed or making Joshua beg her to stay. Hence the super hot sex scenes!…

As for Joshua, I feel like he was SO NICE to Hannah because he knows he was supposed to do all these wonderful things for his wife, who left because he got too busy and ignored her basically, and this was making up for his past mistakes indirectly.

When Hannah started crying in Joshua’s bed, I started crying too. She’s so happy that she’s finally happy for once but she realizes that this isn’t real. This person doesn’t know her at all, and she doesn’t know him either. It hit her all of the sudden that she wants this level of happiness but with someone else. She tries to share parts of herself with Joshua and asks him to do the same, and unsurprisingly, he avoids it and runs away.

*SIGH* Here are some things I thought were meaningful from the show:

  1. 1.    If you’re planning on apologizing to someone, say “I’m sorry” early or you just sound like you’re excusing yourself.- Ahem, Hannah! People tend to ramble a bit when they feel bad about something, but verbalize it sooner than later. And when in doubt, apologize again in the middle and or the end.
  2. 2.    If someone’s seems too good to be true, they probably are.- Handsome and fit doctor with a great house? Yep, still married.
  3. 3.    If you’re dating someone and you have the ability to lift them up on a counter, DO IT because it’s SO HOT.- Just be careful. Don’t drop them and make sure there are no sharp or breakable obstacles.
  4. 4.    People are afraid to admit that they’re lonely, but we all really are sometimes.- Hannah has friends and family, but she only realized how lonely she is in “such a deep, deep way” until she had a taste of conditional intimacy with Joshua.
  5. 5.    There are many things in life one can try to achieve: financial success, popularity, the dream job, “being cool,” etc., but the one thing that is the hardest to accomplish and the most important one is happiness. 

Lastly, to people who say that Lena Dunham isn’t attractive enough to sleep with Patrick Wilson, you’re part of the reason why 1 in 150 fifteen year old girls suffers from anorexia.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


Quarterlife Lessons From the HBO Show “Girls”: S2E4

(Post about the season 2 premiere is here, and the post about S2E2 is here)

You may have noticed that I didn’t blog about the last episode “Just Say No” this past week. That’s because I felt like there wasn’t any cautionary tale out of it besides DON’T DO COKE, SERIOUSLY.

If you totally were bummed out by that, here’s this awesome Spotify playlist I found that features every single song featured on the show in chronological order.

Back to this #13 “It’s A Shame About Ray” episode. I have to say this was the most emotionally intense one so far. I cried during the subway scene because it was SO REAL. And I was depressed for about an hour after the show.

I knew that Jessa and Thomas-John’s marriage was doomed from the beginning but their fight was so vicious, and to witness Jessa, who seems to walk through life with a “eh, whatever ha!” attitude, break down so completely was heartbreaking. Hindsight is always 20-20 and I felt that she really thought this could work and it was the best thing to happen to her ever in her life, but now, she has to start all over again, and that sucks.

ANYWAY, onto the “lessons”:

  1. Don’t invite people to a party whom you know would have potential conflicts– Come on, Hannah. Exes don’t mix well especially with the current partner involved. Anyone with half a brain can tell there are still a lot of remaining feelings between Marnie and Charlie, and his new girlfriend is very volatile.
  2. Don’t invite unwanted people to events “out of politeness”- It’s your own goddamn party and they might just show up with your permission.
  3. The more you explain about a lie, the less likely people are to believe itI love you, Shosh, but you are not good at pretending. Stick to one-liner excuses only!
  4. It’s important to master the art of backhanded compliments and subtle insults– Don’t lie. You enjoyed watching the catty exchange between Marnie and Charlie’s GF, too. (It reminded me of the reading scene in Pride & Prejudice where Lizzie artfully made it clear to Mr. Darcy that Caroline Bingley is a pretentious cow.) Occasionally in life, we need to throw some shade to stand up for ourselves, something, or someone else. Remember that in an argument, the person who appears less mad is the winner, so work on your poker face and thinking quick on your feet to create incognito offenses such as “So where did you get your headband?” as in because that’s the only interesting thing about you.
  5. Choose conversation topics wisely and appropriately for the occasion, time, place, and participants– When in doubt, avoid the following because they’re controversial: sex, drugs, violence, religion, politics, and the right way to raise children. Jessa and Hannah covered most of these at the dinner tables. Continue reading

Unique Spotify Playlists, Part 1

I always made playlists based on mood and feelings instead of genres. Recently I created a few and tweeted out the links or put them as my IM status. People seem to like it (I see you listening to my lists on the side feed of Spotify, friend who doesn’t subscribe), so I thought I would share.

Romantic songs sung by men that respect women

I went to a themed party a few weeks back and DJ Rufio played “Let’s Get Married” by Jagged Edge, and I realized that very few male artists sing about monogamy or commitment in this decade. Oh, there are PLENTY of songs by men dedicated to their lovers or ladies, but they also usually are along the lines of “You’re so hot and I get to have sex with you yay! And now I’m going to describe your body in details!” Please let me know if I miss anything because this is pretty sad.

“Quarterlife Crisis” playlist

There is a a plethora of how you may feel during a quarterlife crisis. Sometimes you’re like “F.U. I don’t need nobody because I’m better than ALL Y’ALL!,” other times you’re quietly sobbing on the inside because you feel so alone and powerless. And when things are going well you want to yell out “I feel infinite and invincible!” then it goes downhill from there and you feel paralyzed by panic and overwhelmed by the choices you have to make…Yep, I’ve included songs that fit all those moods.


Seductress is named as such because all the songs are sung by women and because this is music that will make you want to give a lap dance or strip tease to someone. Some of these are from my past pole dance classes so you know they’re legit.

“I’m hungover but I need to get work done” playlist

This is self-explanatory, but I made this on a Friday morning after I went out on a Grouper date on Thursday night. Nothing too loud or intense that will make you feel any worse. Big shout out to Amber who suggested the Garden State soundtrack and Death Cab for Cutie songs.

Songs Fun to Scream-Sing To

Some songs are great for singing precisely and delicately, while some are meant to be SHOUTED AT THE TOP OF YOUR LUNGS while you’re jumping and down.

Overtly Sexual Swag

I already posted this when I wrote about the Top Four Types of Sexual References in Hip Hop, Rap, and R&B last year, but I actually make additions frequently.

BONUS: Bad Bitch Mix

My fellow sophstirachet friend Pauline made this, and now I fantasize that one day Trina, Lil’ kim, Nicki Minaj will have a bad bitch concert together.

Stay tuned for other weird playlists my state of mind creates.


Quarterlife Lessons From the HBO Show “Girls”: S2E2

(Read about the last episode here)

Episode 12 “I Get Ideas”

I would like to open with how while I think Hannah’s “colorblind” comments to Sandy were really stupid, they were also incredibly funny. They remind me of white people who tell me that they don’t think there’s anything wrong with the Asian fetish or Yellow Fever, and men who respond with “Well, there are a lot of female CEO’s now” when I complain about the fact that women still do not make as much money as men for the same jobs.

Hannah’s self-righteous proclaim to Marnie and Elijah about her breakup was hilarious: “Your rights happened!” Right, just because one socially conservative person is now without a girlfriend, women’s rights and gay rights are totally going to improve now. Uh huh.


  1. If someone cares enough, they’ll make the time and effort. – While it takes much less time to look at a painting and spew out some general comments than reading a piece of writing and then providing feedback, I do agree with what Jessa said: “If he’s not reading your essays, he’s not reading you.”  Sandy doesn’t mind watching the TLC TV show “Say Yes to the Dress” with Hannah, but finds her writing about her goddamn self boring because “nothing really happened”? Seriously? He basically just sent the signal of “Yeah I don’t care enough about you to know you as an individual, but hey, I like having sex with you.” Continue reading

15 Short and Awesome Female Celebrities

So… I am 5 feet and 2.5 inches tall. That is below the average American woman’s height of 5 feet and 4.5 inches. Very often I wave at tall acquaintances on the street and they don’t see me at all because I’m simply not in their field of vision. Without high heels I sometimes feel like I’m invisible or that people don’t take me as seriously.

Which is why I’ve gathered a list of amazing kickass women who are under the average American female height as well based on legitimate resources such as IMDB and their official websites. Here you go in descending order, famous women 5’3″ or under whom I admire and respect:

Natalie Portman, 5’3″ or 160 cm

Natalie Portman

Love me a lady who can pull off a hardcore rap right before she dances classical ballet.

Robyn, 5’3″ or 160 cm


Her unique fashion style. The fact that she can dance alone in an empty warehouse and make it look effortless.

Nicki Minaj, 5’2″ or 157 cm

Nicki Minaj

Whether you love her or hate her (I dressed up as her last Halloween so I think you know where I stand on this one), you don’t forget Nicki, and you do not disrespect her.

Shakira, 5’2″ or 157 cm


Who cares how tall you are if your hips don’t lie? Oh and she’s an UNICEF ambassador, NBD.

Amy Poehler, 5’2″ or 157 cm

Every time I watch a new "Ask Amy" video, the series where she answers little girls' questions, it's hard for me not to tear up.

She makes me laugh so hard that I cry sometimes. Also every time I watch a new “Ask Amy” video, the series where she answers little girls’ questions with so much wisdom, it’s hard for me not to tear up…Yeah I cry easily.

Continue reading

Quarterlife Lessons from the HBO Show “Girls”: S2E1

First off the bat I would like to say that this is not about whether I think the show is good or bad, or if it deserves awards or not. It’s like what my Art History professor told us in our introductory class: “It’s okay to like something or don’t like something regardless of how famous it is or what experts say about it.”

Anyway, my point is that I like this TV show, and if you don’t, then don’t read this.

This was one of my many facial reactions to the HBO Girls season 2 premiere last night.

This was one of my many facial reactions to the HBO Girls season 2 premiere last night.

Episode 11 “It’s About Time”

Last night was the season two premiere of “Girls.” Truth be told, when this show first appeared, I watched from a very defensive point of view. Because I thought, with hands on my hips, “If this is supposed to be representative of my generation of women, then it’s making us twenty-something girls look terrible!” Yes, many a times I would declare to my friends that Shoshanna is the character who hasn’t done anything stupid or bad in my opinion.

One episode after another, I began to see sides of myself and my friends within the fictional girls more and more. I stopped telling people that I “enjoy it ironically,” and fully embraced loving it.

So I’m going to blog about the morals that I personally see from each episode. Some of them are brand new knowledge to me while some are precautionary tales that are good to remind oneself of.

So here you go, the life lessons from the first episode of season 2 “Girls”:


  1. If you’re a straight woman, don’t ever fool around with a gay guy sexually thinking you can be the one to turn him bi or straight. – Especially when the guy has a boyfriend! Marnie and Elijah’s half-sex session was so wrong. Even if the guy is very hot and super nice, and both of you are so drunk or on something, just don’t. It’s awkward afterwards for everyone involved and nothing good can come out of it.
  2. If you do see your ex at a party, limit communication to as nothing as possible and distance yourself physically. Oh and DON’T ask them about their dating life!– We’ve seen Marine and Charlie do the painfully awkward “oh let’s be friends even though we used to date” dance for so long that I was only a tiny bit shocked to see her ask to sleep on Charlie’s bed with him last night, and to have him agree to it! What about your current girlfriend, Charlie? And has Marnie forgotten that she has broken up with this dude TWICE already? Shoshanna’s cold shoulder to Ray was not pleasant but that is still WAY better.
  3. Don’t text someone a message only composed of emojis and then expect them to fully understand what you mean.– When it was finally revealed that Ray broke Shoshanna’s heart by ignoring her emoji-only texts, the only thought that went through my mind was “Oh that’s funny.” Wasn’t even mad.
  4. If anyone you date ever says that they don’t have to do something because they love you, get the hell out of there. Last night as Adam told Hannah “when you love someone, you don’t have to be nice all the time,” I heard the sound of sharp inhale of air through teeth from my female friends in my living room. Loving someone should not be used as an excuse. Continue reading

Whoa, I’m like, a totally legit writer now

YOU GUYS! My writing is up on the pretty darn popular Bay Area site The Bold Italic! This is my first piece of writing that’s published somewhere besides here and our company blog, so I am super giddy about it.

*awkward wave* Hi everyone whom I've ever lived with or near. We're still cool, right?

*awkward wave* Hi everyone whom I’ve ever lived with or near…We’re still cool, right?

Yes, I am also amused that you can now search for the phrase “Chin Lu sex” online and locate me very easily. Would I regret this association when I grow wrinkly and my hair turns grey? Nah, most likely not. This will make me a cool old lady actually, so what’s up.

Much love,


Pt 2: Strange Advice My Dad Gave Me On Very Important Things in Life

Still the most badass picture of my dad ever. Worth reposting.

This week is Papa Lu’s birthday. Since he enjoyed telling his friends that I wrote a blog post of things he told me last time, I decided to write another one.

————–Encounter with a Gangster————–


Recently I was walking down Mission Street with my dad, and a man came up to us and spewed made-up words in a fake imitation Chinese accent out of nowhere. Maybe he got inspiration from Rush Limbaugh. I don’t know. Anyway, I was SO offended and furious, especially he could clearly see I was with my father. I’m pissed if you diss me but if you want to disrespect my older family members? HO! PREPARE FOR A SMACK DOWN!

…At the same time, I knew my dad hates violence or unnecessarily conflicts, so I just gave the ignorant man a death stare and asked rhetorically “Are you done yet?” The man laughed manically and exclaimed “Oh the Chinese speak English!” I gave him my beautiful, elegant middle finger while walking away.

My dad could tell I was riled up so he sighed and said “Do you remember when I used to live in an apartment with three guys in college? Let me tell you…

Continue reading

Stationery Cycling is NOT Stupid: Spin into Shape

Disclaimer: I do know how to ride a real bike that moves, but I also live in San Francisco- the city filled with hills, one-way streets, and cars driving in the same lane as cyclists. I’m so easily startled that I worry about OTHER people on bikes. I just can’t use it as a way of transportation here without potentially having heart attack scares constantly. Just can’t.

This is why I love spin class. Getting roughly the same exercise indoors without the risks of accidents, sun burns, and bug bites anytime regardless of the weather outside? Sign me up.

Definitely a love/hate relationship.


My qualifications: About 20 classes in the past 6 months

What it is: You ride on a bike that doesn’t go anywhere, but you can adjust the resistance to simulate going uphill or on a flat road.

What you’ll actually be doing: Cardio. A whole hour or so of non-stop cardio. Strength & endurance training. The instructors will let you know what pace of a certain number of rotations per minute to follow, and when to add or decrease resistance. They also try to make the class less boring by mixing in intervals, riding off the saddle, or “jumps” where you switch your positions while continuously pedaling, etc. Usually there’s a bit of time for you to stretch in the end.

What you’ll be working on: Besides obviously working the leg muscles and building your stamina, cycling actually also uses your core a lot since you have to lift your knees up to do each pedal, which forces you to contract your abs. It also helps with your hips and rear end. Gotta look good in those leggings or skinny jeans!

What to do about the bike machines: I’ve tried spin at three locations and they all had different machines. Some are more customizable than others in that you can adjust the seat and the handlebars both vertically and horizontally to allow you to be in the best posture. If you’re an average height person (unlike me), then the most basic machine should suit you fine. Some bikes are more high-tech than others with sensors to monitor your heart rate, or have a color screen, etc.

Music you are most likely going to hear during class: Songs that gradually build up, or super upbeat music. All genres besides country, pretty much. Personally I think the background sound is crucial here in a spin class. We can’t help but try to move to the beat of the current track, which is why good instructors know the importance of pre-made playlists. There have been many moments where I thought I was too tired, but when a Rihanna song comes on, I revived and pushed my pedals to the rhythm while mentally singing “WHERRRRRRRE HAAAAAVE YOUUUUUU BEEEEEN ALLLLL MYYYY LI-AYEEE-FE!”

Sweaty tank top or performance art inspired by an Rothko painting?

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