RIP, Resting Bitch Face

A minor case of RBF. I can almost hear the scoff.

Also known as Chronic Bitchface, a resting bitch face is the condition of having an autopilot mean expression. When this term came out last year, I immediately embraced it and told everyone proudly that I have RBF.

Earlier today as I’m smiling to myself on the street, thinking about how I was holding a super cute puppy while shadowing an SF SPCA outreach event, a man stopped me and said “Excuse me? I just want to tell you that you’re really gorgeous. And your haircut is really awesome.”

Did I mention that I was scarfing down a BURRITO in sweaty gym clothes without make up? If my mother were there, she would chide me for the thousandth time that eating while walking on the street was incredibly unladylike.

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