15 Short and Awesome Female Celebrities

So… I am 5 feet and 2.5 inches tall. That is below the average American woman’s height of 5 feet and 4.5 inches. Very often I wave at tall acquaintances on the street and they don’t see me at all because I’m simply not in their field of vision. Without high heels I sometimes feel like I’m invisible or that people don’t take me as seriously.

Which is why I’ve gathered a list of amazing kickass women who are under the average American female height as well based on legitimate resources such as IMDB and their official websites. Here you go in descending order, famous women 5’3″ or under whom I admire and respect:

Natalie Portman, 5’3″ or 160 cm

Natalie Portman

Love me a lady who can pull off a hardcore rap right before she dances classical ballet.

Robyn, 5’3″ or 160 cm


Her unique fashion style. The fact that she can dance alone in an empty warehouse and make it look effortless.

Nicki Minaj, 5’2″ or 157 cm

Nicki Minaj

Whether you love her or hate her (I dressed up as her last Halloween so I think you know where I stand on this one), you don’t forget Nicki, and you do not disrespect her.

Shakira, 5’2″ or 157 cm


Who cares how tall you are if your hips don’t lie? Oh and she’s an UNICEF ambassador, NBD.

Amy Poehler, 5’2″ or 157 cm

Every time I watch a new "Ask Amy" video, the series where she answers little girls' questions, it's hard for me not to tear up.

She makes me laugh so hard that I cry sometimes. Also every time I watch a new “Ask Amy” video, the series where she answers little girls’ questions with so much wisdom, it’s hard for me not to tear up…Yeah I cry easily.

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