Top Four Types of Sexual References in Hip Hop, Rap, and R&B

I’ve always found innuendos amusing and “That’s What She Said” jokes hilarious, and if they’re being sung, oh boy, prepare for some real giggle-fests. You might say that “hey, I thought you were a feminist who studied media culture- shouldn’t you be offended by them?” My response is that I am still allowed to possess the sense of humor of the average teenage boy, and I don’t find all such songs funny.

Below are the most common metaphors of and illusions to sex I’ve noticed reoccuring in various hip hop, rap, and R&B music. There are a lot of good ones in rock, too, but they’re mostly really angry songs, and that just doesn’t make me chuckle as much. All songs quoted and more are also in this Spotify playlist I created titled “Overtly Sexual Swag.” Definitely NSFW, but you’re welcome.

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